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  • Code: USB_DVB-T
  • Manufacturer: PACO STAR
  • Weight: 0.400 Kgs
Price: 39.00лв.
Out of stock
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Enhanced DVB-T Reception
Inside the USB DVB-T receiveris the latest,
highly sensitive, DVB-T receiver for the
 best TV reception. And we include a small
 portable DVB-T antenna for watching
digital TV on-the-go.
Digital Video Recorder
Record digital TV programs to disk, and
play them back to your PC screen in full
original digital quality.
Includes HDTV Player
Our Scheduler allows you to schedule your
digital TV recordings on a daily, weekly or
once only schedule.
USB DVB-T receiver also is compatible with
 the digital TV listing, the online Electronic
Program Guide.

System Requirements:
 • P4 1.70GHz CPU or above .
 • 256MB RAM
 • VGA card with 32MB memory.
 • One available USB 2.0 port .
 • Microsoft windows XP, Vista
Package Contents:
 • USB DVB-T Receiver .
 • Portable DVB-T antenna .
 • Remote control .
 • Software and driver CD



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