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03 Apr 2009

ILIFE V7s Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Rose Gold


Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot: iLife V7s Plus – for Smaller and Bigger Homes
Perfect for Hard Floors and Carpets
The iLife V7s Plus is suitable for cleaning different types of hard floors, such as laminate, parquet, stone floors and tiles. In vacuum mode it also cleans carpets very thoroughly.

Note: This robot cannot be used on dark or black floors.

Vacuuming/Mopping Robot for Clean Edges
A long side brush is mounted on one side of the V7s Plus to remove dust, dirt and hair from all corners of your home. It ensures a thorough clean along the corners and edges of your rooms (such as skirting boards and walls).

Vacuums and Mops under Furniture
The iLife vacuum and floor mopping robot has a low profile of only 8.4 cm, allowing it to fit under low furniture. Because of its low profile, it can vacuum and mop under sofas and beds - places that are hard to reach with a normal vacuum cleaner.

Manages Thresholds and Carpets
The iLife V7s Plus moves over door thresholds and carpets with a height of up to 1.5 cm. It can therefore move from one room to another independently, ensuring a complete clean. However, the robot cannot move over thresholds if the mop holder is mounted.

Useful Functions of the Vacuuming/Mopping Robot
A Robot Hoover with Mop Function
A dust bin and a water tank are supplied with the V7s Plus. To use the vacuum function, the dust bin needs to be inserted into the device. All dust, dirt and hair is vacuumed and collected in the bin. The dust bin can be emptied and reused.

To use the mop function, the dust bin is replaced by the water tank in just a few simple steps. The mop holder and mop cloth also need to be installed. Then, the robot is able to dry or wet mop your floors.

We recommend that you first use the vacuum function and then use the mop function.

Gap and Stair Recognition of the iLife V7s Plus
There are several anti-drop sensors underneath the vacuum and floor mopping robot,. The V7s Plus uses them to recognize stairs and other gaps. It then adapts its direction and doesn’t fall down stairs. 

Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery for a Long Runtime
The iLife V7s Plus vacuum and floor mopping robot is equipped with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery (2,600 mAh), which ensures an especially long runtime of up to 120 minutes.

Effortless Control with Remote Control
The V7s Plus is supplied with a remote control to effortlessly control the vacuum and floor mopping robot. Using the remote control, you can control the robot manually using the direction buttons, set a daily start time and select the required cleaning mode.

Four Cleaning Modes for a Complete Clean
The iLife vacuuming/mopping robot V7s Pro offers four different cleaning modes:

Auto: automatic cleaning of the complete floor area. The robot automatically adjusts its mode to the floor type and level of dirt.
Spot: spiral cleaning of a small area of 1 x 1 m.
Edge: exclusive cleaning of the edges and corners of your home.
Scheduling: the robot starts cleaning automatically at the scheduled time.


Dust Bin and Water Tank Capacity: 300 ml
The dust bin and water tank have a capacity of 300 ml. Both offer enough space to collect dust and dirt or store fresh water.

iLife Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot with Modern Technology
i-Dropping Technology for Optimized Mop Function
Like its precursor, the V7s Plus is also equipped with the i-Dropping Technology. The i-Dropping water tank only sprinkles water when the robot is moving. As soon as the robot stops, the water also stops. This unique function of the iLife avoids water damage of your floors.

Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot with Scheduling
The iLife V7s Plus can be scheduled to start cleaning automatically at a set time. It is possible to select one daily starting time. At that time, the vacuum and mopping robot automatically starts cleaning and returns to the charging station when it has finished.


iLife V7s Plus vs. iLife V7s Pro
The V7s Plus is the official successor of the famous iLife V7s Pro. The successor is equipped with the same innovative functions as its precursor.

The iLife V7s Plus is the ideal vacuum and floor mopping robot for you, if:

Your home is under 150 m2
You prefer a robot that is able to vacuum AND mop
You want effortless control via remote control and scheduling

Included in delivery
iLife V7s Plus

1 Charging Station with Power Supply
2 Side Brushes
3 Filters
1 Mop Holder
2 Mop Cloths
1 Water Tank
1 Remote Control
1 Cleaning Tool
1 User Manual
1 Quick Start Guide

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Price: 429.00лв.
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