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03 Apr 2009

DVB-T Modulator ST-6503


What is used for ?
To convert a HDMI signal to a DVB-T MPEG4 signal (that means only TV's with Digital  tuner ) 
It can be used to add a HDMI channel to DVB-T feed.
HD Signal from Sky HD Box , Virgin , Saorview , Freeview , Freesat , UPC or other models HD TV boxes  in a Second room or through out the house on a distribution system

It gives a DVB-T output which is sufficient to feed a number of DVB-T capable TVs (via a splitter)

HD modulator is easy to install and operate

Provides RF Loop Through 50MHZ~2400MHZ

It is possible to set the output frequency

It is а very reliable product



Old TV's without  Mpeg 4  is not compatible with this device.

  • Code: DVB-T_Modulator01
  • Weight: 0.700 Kgs
Price: 288.00лв.
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Standard DVB-T
Constellation 64QAM
Bandwidth 6 / 7 / 8 MHz
Carriers 8K
Guard Interval 1/32
Code Rate 7/8
MER 35 dB
Frequency Range 50 ~ 860 MHz
RF Level 70 ~ 100 dBuV
Output Impedance 75Ω
Compression H.264 - bitrate 5-15 Mb/s
Video Resolution
1920*1080_60P, 1920*1080_50P;
1920*1080_60i, 1920*1080_50i;
1280*720_60p, 1280*720_50P
Connector HD
Power Source DC 12V / 1.5A
O p e r a t i n g
0 ~ +50°C
Dimensions 125mm(L) × 100mm(W) × 28mm(H)



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