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03 Apr 2009

AV/RF modulatorRFM6662


Household Wired TV Modulator AV-RF Converter

MCU controlled PLL, high accuracy and stability of video carrier and audio subcarrier. 

Audio subcarrier selectable: 5.5 MHz, 6.0 MHz, 6.5 MHz

With R F loop input and auto storage at power outage. 

LED channel number display. 

Double side band modulation for non- adjacent usage. 

Output level adjustable. 

  • Code: RFM_6662
  • Manufacturer: PACO STAR
  • Weight: 0.200 Kgs
Price: 48.00лв.
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Frequency range:                    VHF:CH2 ~ CH4.S1~S10
                                                 VHF III: CH5~ CH12.S11~ S41.UHF: CH21~CH69
Output level:                         90dBi V Min.
A/V Ratio:                  -15+/- 2dB
Video carrier freq. accuracy     +/- 5KHz
Output impedance:                 75Ohm



Freq. deviation: +/- 50 KHz
Freq. response: +/- 2dB
Input impedance: 600 Ohm 



Input Level: 0.8 Vp-p за 80% +/- 10% модулация
Inpyt level Adj: 0.4Vp-p ~ 0.8 p-p 

S/N Ratio: 55dB
Frequency response: +/- 2.5 dB( 50 Hz до 4.2 MHz) 
Input Impedance: 75 Ohm


Input voltage: AC 230V 50Hz
Size in cm: 16/ 9/ 5 



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