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03 Apr 2009

Learnable remote control LRF 488 auto for car alarms, garage doors etc.


LRF 488 auto is a learnable remote control for car alarms, garage doors, roller blinds, etc. 

Easy programmable from the orriginal remote.  

LRF 488 automatically finds the frequency of the original remote control and it's easier to program it. 

Copies most remotes with fixed code by automatically detecting the frequency of the original remote control and there is no need for pre-setting
Model: LRF488 auto


Maximum number of buttons: 4

  • Code: RF488а
  • Manufacturer: PACO STAR
  • Weight: 0.050 Kgs
Price: 24.80лв.
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Model: LRF433
Fixed code
Frequency 290Mhz - 450Mhz
Automatically detecting the frequency

Voltage: 12V
Size: 31mm×55mm×14mm
Coppies remotes with:  
HT6207 HT6010 HT6012 HT6014
HT680 HT600 HT600
PT2240 PT2260 EV1527 PT2262 FP527 AX5326 PT2242
SMC5026 SMC5326-3 SMC918 SMC918-3 SMC918-4 etc. 



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